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DWI / DUI Assessment and Treatment

1.Have you been arrested for DWI/DUI?

2.Has your car been seized due to DWI/DUI?

3.Is a judge requiring an assessment in order to get your license back?

4.Are you considering having an assessment prior to your court appearance?

If you answered YES to any of the above questions on behalf of yourself or your client, we encourage you to set up a screening today.

During the assessment you will be asked questions about the incident, history of drinking and substance use, as well as explore family or work issues along with medical and legal history if any.

It is our job after the assessment to determine if each client reports or demonstrates the misuse or abuse of alcohol or other substances and whether the client or the community is at risk if the client were to get his/her car back or regain his/her driving license. If it is determined that the client may be at risk, then they will be referred to the appropriate level of treatment either within our practice or to another facility. If the client does not appear to require additional treatment, we will then complete the necessary paperwork and send it to the proper authorities as well as to the client and attorneys.

When you contact the DWI provider to schedule your assessment you will be asked to bring the following:

1.The Abstract of Driving Record

2.The Arrest Report

3.The results from Blood Alcohol Content (BAC) breathalyzer test, if taken.

The assessment is broken down into two sessions. The client seeking assessment will need to complete a urine drug screen during their assessment.

The assessment will determine the necessary treatment. The DWI service provider will determine what level of treatment is best for each client. 

As Licensed DWI Assessment providers we have put the steps in place to ensure both the Assessment and any necessary treatment are completed in a timely manner.

All assessments and recommendations are confidential.

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